Georges Island

Fort Warren, Georges Island – Gateway To a Mesmerizing Day Trip

Fort Warren is a magnificent gateway to Georges Island of Boston Harbor. Built almost entirely in granite, the structure is an embodiment of American history, having witnessed several wars and survived them.

Jellyfish Lake

The Jellyfish Lake of Palau

The Jellyfish Lake of Palau Island, one of the Rock Islands of Micronesia in the South Pacific, is home to a thriving population of jellyfish which are pretty friendly.

Angel Road Shodo Island Japan

Japan’s Angel Road in Shodo Island

A little sandy stretch, Angel Road, is located at southern coast of Tonosho town and is one of the most visited sites of the Shodo island of Japan.

Mirador Escénico San Carlos

Mirador Escenico, San Carlos, Mexico – Enjoy the Best Ocean Views

Mirador Escenico of San Carlos, Mexico, a little beach town, close to Nogales, Arizona, offers one of the best ocean views in the world along with great natural beauty and luxury.

Fingal's Cave

Fingal’s Cave – The Exquisite Sea Caves of Scotland

Fingal’s Cave of the Scottish Islands of Staffa is one of the most amazing sea caves in the world. The cave is made entirely of hexagonal basalt blocks.

L'ile de Riou Beach

The Enthralling L’ile de Riou Beach of Marseille, France

Known as one of the most famous beaches of France, L’ile de Riou is a small lap of intimacy on the expanded French coastline, a privilege like sneaking a moment of quiet on a busy street. The beach is accessible only by a boat.

The Blue Lagoon Beach of Turkey

Oludeniz Beach – The Blue Lagoon of Turkey

Oludeniz Beach, situated on the southwestern Turkish coast is a place to be for all those sea lovers looking for a quality holiday. A stretch of soothing white sand and an expanse of sparkling blue sea is what makes Oludeniz beach special.

Ganpatiputle Beach

The Ganpatipule Beach of Maharashtra, India

Ganpatipule Beach, one of the best beaches of India, is located along the Konkan Coast and about 300 kilometers South of Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra. The place offers great beaches and water sports activities.