Blue Grotto Sea Caves, Italy


In the Capri Island of Italy, lies the beatific bluish wonder of the Blue Grotto. The title of the grotto (cave) is literally translated from its native Italian title of Grotta Azzurra. The sea caves gain their name from the reflective sunlight passing through the naturally submerged mouth of the cave and to its inundated interior.

Situated to the south of Italy, Capri is an island highly reflective of the ancient thriving Roman culture. A getaway for the summer, the Capri Island formed an intrinsic part of the emperors and the kings of ancient Rome. The Blue Grotto, thus too became an important recreational spot, though initially its eerie colour lent a negative perception in the minds of the townsfolk.

Over the years, as science advanced and the simple practicality about the colouring of the sea caves was understood, crowds have thronged in huge numbers to visit this North-western Capri marvel.

Blue Grotto Sea Caves

Swimming and row-boating form two of the most highly favoured excursions at the Blue Grotto. Another unique paradigm about the Blue Grotto Malta is the ash-greyish colour-reflection of any article when seen from within the cave’s depths. Apart from the variances in colour reflexion, the sea caves are also a locus for many interesting folklores about the emperors and leaders of ancient Rome.

Blue Grotto Sea Caves, Italy

Best Way to Reach: Blue Grotto is easily accessible by water and road routes from the province of Anacapri. However vessels that ply tourist patrons to the Grotto do so only up to a certain point. In order to enter the sea caves, vacationers need to hire special rowing vessels. The charges for engaging these special vessels are separate. Apart from vessels and buses, tourists can also walk directly to the Blue Grotto from the province of Anacapri, thereafter hiring the special vessels to enter the caves.

Best Time to Visit: By itself, the weather of Capri isn’t intemperate. However considering the location of the sea caves, tourist patrons need to monitor the sea conditions before visiting the Blue Grotto Malta. Rough sea conditions with choppy weather make a visit to the Grotto quite difficult.

Nearest Towns/Cities: The Capri Island is a must while visiting Italy. Churches, country houses of ancient Roman emperors and various other historic monuments make it one of the best tourism spots in the world.

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Map of Blue Grotto Sea Caves, Italy