Poseidon Resort: The World’s First Undersea Resort


Offering a truly mesmerizing marine experience, the Poseidon undersea resort is one of its own. Located in Fiji, the Poseidon resort easily makes it to the list of best underwater hotels in the world. For lovers of marine experience, the place is like a heaven with surroundings of blue all around. Still in the construction phase, the resort would be one of the most amazing feats achieved by humans until now.


A fine example of combination of human vision with expertise, the Poseidon resort is a 5000 acre sprawling structure 40 feet underwater in the Cerulean waters. The resort is reached by an elevator like mechanism making it easily accessible. The guests visiting Poseidon underwater resort Fiji are never disappointed with the place.

This resort is world’s first seafloor resort. As such, it can be said that it will offer an experience unmatched by any other place, a fact that all its guests would vouch for. Among the many thrills of visiting this five star and most extraordinary of underwater hotels is the sheer beauty of everything. Guests can expect to go to bed with fish floating by and wake up to sight of clear blue waters of undersea. And while that is enough to make anyone marine lover’s holiday memorable, the services of Poseidon resort only add to its charm.

World’s First Undersea Resort

Poseidon resort currently offers three types of accommodation options to its guests. Depending on the kind of luxury they wish to enjoy, guests can choose between a villa on a private beach above water or over the water or a suite 40- feet below the water. Each of these accommodation types come with a king sized bed, comfortable seating arrangements, Wi-Fi access and everything else that modern technology has to offer for complete comfort and entertainment. Guests can expect to enjoy the Jacuzzi in the bathroom while listening to sounds of water outside their windows.

Poseidon Resort

Poseidon undersea resort truly takes the marine experience of all its guests up a notch. The guests not only get to enjoy the sight of fish with all kinds of shapes and colors float by, they can even interact with the marine environment around. The underwater suites at Poseidon underwater resort Fiji come with a mechanism that allows the guests to be able to feed the fish right from their rooms.

And when guests are not enjoying the view from comforts of their suites, they can explore a bunch of activities offered at the Poseidon resort. Submarine tour, deep water reef excursions and scuba diving are just few of the things that guests can do while there.

Poseidon Undersea Resort

For those who want to explore domains outside the sea floor, there are also other options such as parasailing, flight tour of the lagoon, exploration tours of the caves of the island or just enjoying some laid back time on one of the private beaches of the resort. The package of holiday offered at Poseidon undersea resort is complete in all respects.

The stay at Poseidon undersea resort can cost up to $30,000 for entire package that would include four nights in a luxury beachfront villa, two nights in underwater suite, a diving excursion and some other activities that can be selected from among the options.

Nearest city: Most of the Fiji is easily accessible from here especially cities like Suva and Norsup.

How to get there: Poseidon resort, when open, can be reached through the international airport of Fiji from where; the resort offers its own transportation right up to the elevators.

Best time to visit: The resort is so spectacular; there will be no single best time to visit it.

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Map of Poseidon Resort, Fiji