Swallow’s Nest Castle, Crimea Peninsula, Ukraine

The Swallow’s Nest Castle of Yalta is one of the main tourist attractions in Ukraine. It is a recreational castle that was built as early as 1911. Over the time, this castle has earned its position among the most famous sea castles of the world.

The part of attraction in Yalta Castle lies in its unique location. The castle rests on a 130 ft high cliff called the Aurora Cliff just by the sea. It is a rather small sea castle with a ground space of 10meters by 20 meters. The balcony of the castle looks on directly into the Black sea, adding a thrill to visit of all the tourists that come to this part of Crimea Peninsula every year.

This Ukraine Castle is not a magnificent castle in terms of size. But what it lacks in area, it makes up in beauty. The Swallow’s Nest Castle, Yalta is located in Swallow’s Nest near Crimea. The castle has a long history associated with itself, making that one of the reasons that attracts tourists from all over the world.

Swallow’s Nest Castle, Crimea Peninsula, Ukraine


According to historical records, Swallow’s Nest Castle of Yalta was built by an injured war hero who came to Ukraine about 130 years ago. The hero was awarded a piece of land for his bravery on which he built a castle that personified calm, serenity and peace. He called it ‘Castle of Love’.

Over the time, this castle has witnessed years during which it went on from being a place of solitude to a library to its present status as one of the most famous sea castles of the world. The Yalta Castle is in a decent state at present. However, things did not look so promising all along. In 1927, an earthquake in the Yalta region of Ukraine made the Yalta castle a lot more vulnerable. The supporting cliff developed several dangerous cracks, following which the castle’s interiors were restricted for tourists. It remained in such forlorn condition for several decades until restoration of the cliff made it safe enough for tourists again.

Swallow’s Nest Castle


The interiors of the Ukraine castle still remain closed to tourists. However, visiting people can buy a ticket to get full access to grounds surrounding this magnificent castle and enjoy the amazing view. The restaurant also remains open for tourists.

Best time to visit: While the Crimea Peninsula remains a delightful place throughout the year, the best time to visit Yalta and Ukraine castle would be during the spring months of March-May. However, autumn from September-December also offers tourists visiting this castle a delightful visit.

How to get there: coming from Yalta, road remains the best option for all the tourists visiting this part of the Crimea Peninsula. However, ferry is also a convenient means and offers an added advantage of a spectacular first sight of the castle. The castle is just a few steps away from the ferry unloading point, from where tourists can buy a ticket to enter the grounds.

Nearest city:  Yalta, Crimea remains the closest city to the Swallow’s Nest castle. Most tourists visiting this castle can take road or a ferry from there.

Image Credits: whataplace, wikimedia

Map of Crimea Peninsula, Ukraine