The Flakfortet Sea Fortress of Copenhagen

Flakfortet is one of the main Danish attractions for tourists visiting Copenhagen. To be precise, the structure is a sea fortress that was built on the artificial island named Saltholmreb.

The basic reason to build sea fortress Flakfortet was not recreational. However, that is the main purpose of its existence currently. The Flakfortet sea fort along with its siblings- Trekroner Fort and Middelgrundsfort, were built to aid in protection of harbors of Copenhagen and its environs. Their original purpose was lost with time and what emerged was the Flakfortet sea fort that became an ideal place for people from all over the world to come together and spend quality time.

Flakfortet sea fort was built on the artificial island around 1914. But nothing about this sea fortress beats the essence of natural beauty that it is surrounded by. The wildlife experience along with exposure to natural beauty of Copenhagen is an experience unmatched anywhere else. The 30,000 square meter Flakfortet is covered with wild roses, over 3000 in number. The island is small in size, with highest point being at 23 meters but it is the journey to Flakfortet Island that is just as much of a highlight as reaching the destination itself.

Flakfortet Sea Fortress Copenhagen Denmark

Flakfortet Island can be reached by a 40 minute sail to Copenhagen harbor by a cruise ship. Especially during summers, cruise company Spar ships runs a cruise ship to the sea fortress every day. Tourists can enjoy magnificent view of sights protected over time including old warehouses, rigging sheers on Holmen that was a navy station in past and Trekroner right at the entrance to Flakfortet sea fort.

Once there, tourists can take up a walking tour of the entire Flakfortet, indulge in picking wild roses, or take canal tours throughout the island.  Golf also remains one of the main attractions for tourists to explore while on Flkafortet sea fort. After a day of exploring the military boundary, tourists can enjoy a luxurious dinner back on the cruise ship. An opera house and cultural center are currently under construction on the Flakfortet Island. This is set to offer tourists an even more magical experience.

Flakfortet Sea Fortress

The view on Flakfortet remains one its biggest strengths that attract throngs of tourists to this island every year. On a clear day, tourists can enjoy unobstructed view of Oresundsbridge to the south and Swedish Island- Ven to the north of Flakfortet Copenhagen.

Accommodation on Flakfortet itself might be tough to find. Most tourists prefer to take a round trip cruise to Flakfortet Copenhagen during the day, to return to Copenhagen where accommodation is easier to find.

Nearest city: Flakfortet lies about 6km outside Oresund. Copenhagen lies at a meager 45 minutes sail from Flakfortet Island.

How to get there: the easiest way to reach Flakfortet is through a cruise ship. Flakfortet also has a yacht harbor for people who prefer to reach the sea fortress via yacht. Tourists can also take a canal tour to Flakfortet Island via a boat from Nyhavn.

Best to visit: Flakfortet remains lovely for most part of the year but clear skies during warmer months of May to late August offer the best experience of the island. Also, availability of cruises and boats to Flakfortet sea fort remain higher during this time, making it easier to visit the place.

Image Credits: snapphase, wikimedia

Map of Flakfortet Sea Fortress, Copenhagen