d The Strange Ball’s Pyramid of Pacific Ocean

The Strange Ball’s Pyramid of Pacific Ocean


Ball’s Pyramid in the Pacific Ocean is an intimidating pyramid shaped structure rising about 562 meters above the water level. It is located about 12 miles southeast of Lord Howe Island of Pacific Ocean.

Standing amidst vast blueness of the ocean, the rising mammoth of a mountain, Ball’s Pyramid near Australia is a site in its own accord. The mountain is believed to have been a result of a volcanic eruption that happened about 7 million years ago. Considering its age, the pyramid wasn’t discovered until much later in 1788. Even after its discovery, the mountain was believed to have been just a mass of rocks and stones. However, in 2001 first instance of life on the mountain was discovered and termed as Ball’s Pyramid insect, a unique creature found exclusively on this mountain and the neighboring Lord Howe Island.

Besides the Balls Pyramid insect, the mountain has been noted to house several other creatures. The last of the insect, is now believed to have been dead for past 70 years. However, the Balls pyramid of Pacific Ocean remains a site for many biologists for exploration.

The Strange Ball’s Pyramid of Pacific Ocean

However, it’s not just scientists who are attracted to this structure. Famous for its climb, this mountain attracts lots of tourists every year who visit the place to experience a pleasure mountain climbing experience. The steep climb of the mountain, the view from the top, the exhilaration of standing hundreds of feet above the Pacific Ocean and the creatures that inhabit this mountain make for a complete package of a trip for even the most hardcore mountaineers who are not easily satisfied.

The climb starts right from the ocean level, with Pacific’s blue waters running over climbers’ feet. The first time this mountain was conquered was in 1965 by a team of Bryden Allen, John Davis, Jack Pettigrew and David Witham. Ever since, the mountain has attracted more and more climbers who come to claim this tallest volcano in the world.

Ball’s Pyramid of Pacific Ocean

The Balls pyramid is not one of the most tourist friendly places per se. Most people visiting this place include tough mountain climbers. However, considering the hazardous nature of the climb and scare of life threatening creatures inhabiting the place, the pyramid was banned in 1982. The climbing was allowed again in 1990, under strict conditions but is believed to be banned currently.

However, there is nothing to be sad about for all those non mountain climbers. Observatory Rock, Wheatshead Islet and Southeast Rock are some other worth visiting location close to the Balls Pyramid, Australia.

Ball’s Pyramid

Bird watching also is one of the things that tourists can look forward to while on their Balls pyramid, Pacific Ocean’s tour. For those who wish to visit the Balls pyramid, Australia by water, there are a lot of accommodation options available in a perimeter of 30 km around the mountain.

Several cruises are available that let tourists explore this entire region. Tourists can get hotels, with choice to make an advanced booking. The options remain varied and all tourists are most likely to find what they are looking for.

Nearest city:  Sydney on the coast of Australia would be the closest city to the Ball’s Pyramid. However, Lord Howe Island, Australia is a closer landmark to the location.

How to get there: tourists can take a cruise from Sydney, Australia that will allow them to explore all attractions in this region.

Best time to visit: Best time to visit the place would be end of March as that allows maximum use of the weather and most diversity in the birds’ population.

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Map of Ball’s Pyramid of Pacific Ocean